To help friends get started with God, Search has initiated and/or resourced thousands of small groups often beginning with the Foundations study. Foundations is a study intended for small groups or one-on-one discipleship. Chapters include:

  • How to begin a relationship with God
  • How to grow in your relationship with God
  • How to communicate with God through prayer
  • How to listen to God through Bible reading and study
  • How to invest the resources God has entrusted to us
  • How to tell others about our relationship to God

We use Foundations as a transferable tool for learning and applying the basics of our faith in Christ. It is also an exploratory resource for those who are currently investigating the claims of Christ.


This book is one of Dr. Boa’s classic bestsellers, having been in print for over 30 years. This revised edition addresses the basic objections to Christianity: Does God really exist? Why believe in miracles? Isn’t Christianity just a psychological crutch? Is the Bible really trustworthy? If God is good, why do evil and suffering exist? How can Christ be the only way to God? Will God judge those who never heard about Christ? If Christianity is true, why are there so many hypocrites? Isn’t a good moral life enough to get into heaven? Isn’t just believing in Christ too easy? What does it mean to believe? Can people really be sure of their salvation?


Why ask Why?

Some people are OK believing whatever they’re told, but many of us have serious questions and want honest answers. This audio dialogue is dedicated to sincere truth seekers everywhere.

The Search for Answers comes on one hour-long CD.

Tracks include

  • What is a worldview?
  • Can we really know if God exists?
  • How can a rational person believe in miracles?
  • Is belief in God just a psychological crutch?
  • Is the Bible mythical or historical?
  • Why does God let bad things happen to good people?
  • How could Jesus be the only way to God?
  • Will God condemn those who have never heard?
  • Does hypocrisy invalidate Christianity’s claims?
  • How good is good enough to get into heaven?
  • Does true belief require an intellectual leap?
  • Can anyone really be sure of getting to heaven?
  • Conclusion and other resources.

We believe that this dialogue is so helpful for people with many different spiritual positions that the Search Columbus office wants to offer it to you free of charge! Just contact Allie at for your copy.

Visit for more information or to order multiple copies.